SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, is the process to generate more traffic and make your website appear on top of the Google search engine results. Technical SEO makes your website crawl, index, and comprehensible for search engines. The way in which people read your content differs from the way Google does. Google also reads the codes that underlie that content, and if you fail to build your site according to Google, your search engine result pages’ visibility could get seriously hurt. The good part is that to grasp the gist of SEO, you don’t have to become a coder.

When you work with terminologies like SEO or technical SEO, it’s not like you won’t be facing any issues and everything would work according to your way. Getting your hands on something as intricate as SEO, you will face the trouble of organic traffic being killed. Here are the 5 most common SEO mistakes:


  1. Absence of SSL (HTTPS) usage:

SSL stands for secure sockets layer. Website use SSL to protect traffic between web servers and browsers. You can easily if a website is using SSL by observing the URL. If it goes like Http, it doesn’t have the layer of security and if it goes like https, it is definitely secure. If your site does not use SSL then your search rankings can be negatively affected. That’s why the implementation of SSL on your site is important and you need to make sure that every single page is secure.


  1. The problem of duplicate content:

Duplicate content brings death to search for traffic. Don’t forget to make evergreen content and post content that is unique on every page of your website. If you don’t make the use of https the right way, there’s a high chance that you end up with more than one versions of pages on your website. For your assistance, VFM SEO services USA can fix this problem for you in no time.


  1. Slow website speed and unfriendly user experience:

Being a mobile or desktop user, you know how irritating it is to go through a website that takes eons to load. It ends the concentration and attention with which you browse on a website or take time to spend on a particular page. Being a website owner, you can have the most stunning and rich content but it the loading speed of your page takes more than three seconds, majority of the users will bounce and divert all your traffic towards your competitors. A page that takes too long to load can be a real threat to your SEO efforts.


  1. Your website has 404 errors:

Error 404 not found or 4xx errors harm your website’s credibility and user experience. Neither your users nor Google will be rewarding a massive roadblock while they are not a browsing journey. If the pages of your website link to a misspelled URL, you will need to point those links elsewhere or remove them.


  1. Google fails to index and crawl your pages properly:

If Google search engines fail to index your pages, there is no point of excessive keyword research to make your rank higher. Try writing amazing content, waiting for some time, and then searching for the topic only to find out that you nothing. Sounds much of a disappointment, no? That’s the issue of indexing. Check out Google Search Console to make sure that Google indexes your website appropriately.