Can’t Find Taxation Law Assignment Topic? Brainstorming Techniques to Use

Do you remember the last time when you were stuck in finding an appropriate topic for your taxation law assignment and ended up with an ordinary one and at last got a B grade? Do you want the same case to happen again? Obviously, your answer will be no. But the problem is how you are going to choose a good topic this time? Don’t worry! This time we are here.
Choosing an impressive topic idea for an assignment requires students to do brainstorming. It is a method to generate creative and interesting ideas for any topic. Many university students might not even be aware of brainstorming. But trust me, it is a technique worth giving your time. So, here are 5 amazing brainstorming techniques which students can use to generate some good ideas for their taxation law assignment writing task.

5 Amazing Brainstorming Techniques for Your Taxation Law Assignment

101 Method
This brainstorming technique requires you to come up with 101 ideas in a limited and fixed period of time. Generating new ideas is hard, generating good ideas is even harder and the pressure to do both can cause a kind of brain gridlock. When you’re challenged to come up with 101 ideas, it can help you push through that. You start thinking faster and freely as you focus more on quantity and less on quality. After generating all the 101 ideas, note down the best ones on a board.

Trigger Method
It may not be enough for many students to have just a single brainstorming session to generate good ideas, this method is for them. This method requires students to have several brainstorming sessions and select the best idea from each brainstorming session. Make sure to set a time limit for each round and maintain a gap between every round. While selecting an idea, you can also take the help of someone else.

Figuring Storming
Ever considered what someone else might write about your taxation law assignment topic? This brainstorming method is all about that.
Think about how someone else like your boss, a 6-year-old kid, a famous celebrity, or even the president of America might handle the situation. Putting yourself in new shoes can give a different perspective, helping you see some fresh ideas.
When you brainstorm questions that revolve around the possible actions of a third party, you free up ideas that aren't limited to your thinking.

Brain Writing
This is a group brainstorming technique. This can be suitable for the group assignment writing task which students get. The general principle of this technique is to separate idea generation from the discussion. In other words,
One person shares the topic with all the group member, and they individually write down their ideas. This helps eliminate the dependency everyone in the group has and encourages everyone to share their own ideas. It also gives everyone more time to think over their ideas, which is especially helpful for your introverted group members.
When all group members are brainstorming ideas individually away from distraction and public opinion, they generate concepts that may not naturally surface in a larger setting. Individual brainstorming techniques like this often give more unique ideas than when the group comes up with topic ideas together.

Rapid Ideation
Sometimes, time limitations can also help generate ideas quickly, because you don't have time to filter every idea.
In this technique, a time limit is set to write down as many thoughts or ideas around the topic as possible, using any mediums available. Students should not worry about filtering their ideas while generating them.
The time limit for your rapid ideation session can be anywhere from five to 45 minutes, depending on the complexity of your topic.
Witty Tip: You can also get silly while writing ideas as no idea is stupid. According to a study, students who tried to write some funny ideas, also came up with 26% more and better ideas.
So, these were some brainstorming techniques which students can use to create ideas for their taxation law assignments. Now let’s read an interesting and unique tip for brainstorming.

Bonus Tip: Try Some Brainstorming Music
Students can also try some brainstorming music — i.e., music that’s more conducive to generating new ideas. Depending on the topic and subject, the right kind of music at the right volume can help. However, there are some guidelines also to keep in mind while choosing the kind of music:

>> Keep it instrumental (it's better for concentration and attention)

>> Keep it in a major key (so the mood stays positive)

>> Ensure the music stays at a fixed tempo and volume (less distracting).

So, we’re done now!
Remember, the key to a productive brainstorming session is stimulation. And the key to stimulation is changing things up. And good news, there is no shortage of ways you can change things up.
At last, thanks for reading!

Summary: If you are also struggling to find a good topic for your taxation law assignment, then this article is all you need. It contains 5 brainstorming techniques which you can use to generate ideas for your assignment writing task.