Get Ready to Achieve Top Grades in Personal Finance Assignment Writing

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It is a bit difficult to understand the underlying concepts in personal finance assignment, and this is the reason why it consumes a lot of time. Personal finance is influenced by several other areas of finance, and that makes it tough for students to apply all the concepts at once.

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Personal Finance Planning: How to Do It? 

There are five key areas that you should focus on, each one is described in detail. 

  1. Financial Position: In Financial position, you have to examine the net worth and household cash flow to understand the available personal resources. And that can be done by the following equation:

Net Worth = Net assetsnet household liabilities


Household cash flow = Expected sources of incomeall expected expenses.

From the figures obtained for net worth and household, cash flow for a particular period of time, the time frame in which the goals can be achieved can be determined. 

  1. Tax Planning: The second one is tax planning. it is absolutely necessary for you to do tax planning if you are earning. in simple words, it is just determining how much tax is to be paid. also pay attention to the different myriads of tax schemes. 
  1. Adequate Protection: Now comes the cover for unaccountable risk, adequate protection. in adequate protection, you have to determine how much insurance to get at a nominal cost. 
  1. Investment and Accumulation Goals: In this factor you have to determine how to accumulate enough money to buy things which are expensive like house, car, education expenses, starting a company, and retirement expenses. 
  1. Retirement Planning: In retirement planning you have to estimate the amount of money that an individual will need to live joyfully at the time of retirement.

In personal finance planning process, you have to go through the following stages:

  • Initial assessment: In this first stage you have to check and compile the balance sheet with the income statements. You also have to demonstrate the lists of assets and liabilities that a person is holding.
  • Objective setting: In objective setting, you have to set various goals that are a combination of both short term and long term goals. In this stage, you have to diminish unnecessary costs and enhance the speculation insights.
  • Execution: In the third stage of personal finance planning, you have to take bolster from different investors and stakeholders to procure the same.
  • Monitoring: The last one is Monitoring in which you have to track the status of the personal financial exchanges to alter any condition. 

Hope you are now clear with the concept of personal finance and would be able to write a top-notch assignment on it.