5 Techniques to Write Investments Analysis in Your Finance Assignment

When students prepare personal finance assignment, they decide to show the practical functioning of various investment projects that they have used. But due to lack of knowledge, they are not able to do it well and thus they lose grades.

 But they can definitely solve this problem with the help of these 5 techniques provided by personal finance assignment writing service providers: 

  1. Payback Period Technique: This is a capital budgeting technique, which measures the time that initial cash flow will take to provide amazing returns to investors.

At the time of preparing the analysis of investment for your finance assignment, students use this technique to find and analyze how much time an investment project would take to provide the best returns. 

Note: You can use this technique only in that case when the question is related to the time element. 

  1. Net Present Value Technique (NPV): It means to find the present value of cash flow by comparing initial cash outflows with discounted cash inflows. The result generated from this investment will be referred to as your NPV. 

This is an interesting technique that students can use to find the present value of investment projects and then mention its result in form analysis in their assignments on finance. 

Note: When you are finding NPV of various investment projects you should analyze the value is positive or not and choose the highest value among various projects. 

  1. Profitability Index Technique: It depicts the ratio of the present value of future cash flows to the initial investment needed for a project. This technique is basically used to rank investment projects. 

Students can take help of this technique if they are presenting various investment projects in finance assignment to make it informative as well as attractive for readers. 

Note: Mention the ranks according to projects returns. 

  1. Accounting Rate of Return Technique: ARR is a very useful technique to calculate the profit of investment projects by dividing the net income with the initial investment.

If you have decided to show an analysis of finance assignment with the help of this technique then you have to first identify and then mention total net income &    initial investment for calculating profit. This will provide ease to readers to understand the work in a comprehensive way. 

Note: When Initial investment is not mentioned then you can use average investment in that place. 

  1. Internal Rate of Return Technique: This specifies the rate at which the net present value of an investment project becomes zero. It finds how much an investment project is beneficial for the investor. Students at the time of using this technique should first analyze the rate as it will help them to find solutions and present it in the form of investment analysis for their finance assignment. 

Note: Always select higher IRR among various projects. 

For writing an effective analysis of investment for your personal finance assignment you can use these techniques and achieve top-grades.