6 Most Common Mistakes to Avoid in Commercial Law Assignment

College assignments play a crucial role in determining your academic result no matter what subject you are pursuing. Such assignments are required to evaluate the understanding capacity and performance level of a student during college days. Writing an assignment itself is not a very favourite thing to do and it remains very same when it comes to commercial law assignment writing. In this article we will discuss common mistakes to avoid while writing the law assignment.

1. Misinterpreting the task
Most college assignments come with a set of instructions, requirements, and a topic. The most common mistake that students commit during their assignment writings is, they don’t give time to understand the topic and what is exactly expected from them. Therefore, a large number of students end up submitting an incomplete or even an off-the-topic assignment. You must read the topic and instructions carefully to know what to write and how to write.

2. Poorly designed introduction
It is nothing less than a sin to submit an assignment without an introduction. Even if students add an introduction, they don’t pay much attention in constructing a remarkable one. Remember that an introduction is the window to your assignment. It offers a view to the whole story of your write up. It is better to offer your readers with a good view to look at. Never settle with an incomplete or misleading introduction.

3. Skipping the conclusion
Just like the introduction, conclusion is equally a crucial part to decide the final fate of your assignment. This part majorly deals with the findings and what possibilities or scopes they hold. Ending your law assignment without a conclusion is like leading your reader to a dead-end road. It will be great if you can add your own ideas derived from the topic in conclusion.

4. No referencing
Any assignment may require you to mention information or content directly from a source. While doing so, most of the students forget to reference the source. Even if they do, they do it incorrectly. Students often lose marks for incorrect references. Remember that missing on references is considered as plagiarism which is a complete ‘No’ for any assignment or essay.

5. Poor formatting or no formatting at all
Many students submit their law assignment as soon as they finish writing it. Finishing the writing part of an assignment doesn’t mark the end of your task. Now it is time to format the whole thing. Presenting the assignment in a neat and clean format actually helps you to earn that extra mark. Always organize the content of your assignment and maintain a proper format so that readers don’t have to struggle to go through the content.

6. No proofreading
Doesn’t matter how excellent you are preparing an assignment, you will inevitably commit some sort of silly grammatical mistakes.  Such small mistakes can take a heavy toll on your grade as they showcase lack of sincerity towards the task. Always proofread your documents carefully before the final submission.

These mistakes are common but can be avoided easily. Keep them in mind and don’t repeat them in your next commercial law assignment writing.

Summary: This article focuses on common assignment writing mistakes so that you don’t commit the same mistakes when it comes to your college assignment. These easy-to-follow hacks will improve your writing skill while saving your grade simultaneously.