Why an accounting career is so great?

Why is accounting considered such a rewarding and quality career?

My brother graduated with a degree in Computer Science last year and got an 'entry-level' position as a programmer making $80k/year. He never is expected to work more than 8 hours really (even if he's stuck on a program or project), can come in whenever as long as he does his 8 hours, is allowed to wear whatever he wants into the office (he literally wears a hoodie and jeans), gets free breakfast every Monday and free lunch on Wed/Fri, he's also sponsored by his employer to attend special tech classes/seminars led by Microsoft employees etc. (meaning he gets PTO and travel expenses and everything paid), gets his own office WITH WINDOWS, has an amazingly comfortable and supportive looking chair, and this is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

So my brother is treated like a king in his entry level comp sci position, and this is just where he's starting his career...what comes next is probably only better! NO CPA EXAMS! Etc. I bring this up because I'm graduating this May w/ my degree in accounting, and have an offer for an audit position that I'll take up afterwards. Other than a previous AR/AP internship I have no real world perspective/detailed knowledge of accounting, so I'm just going off of this sub and other articles on the internet. But...even if you're not drinking "B4 kool-aid", why would you want to pursue an accounting career where you are expected to slave for the first few years, and then afterwards jump to a job where you're only making $80k or so (if you're lucky, and even then overtime and constantly busting your ass is still likely involved.)

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