A Brief Walk Through The Netgear Extender Setup

An extender is a device which receives a signal from the pre existing network of Wi-Fi and then rebroadcasts that signal after amplifying it. Netgear extender just like Netgear routers are one of the most popular wi-fi range extender devices available in the market. In case you have got yourself one here are the steps to setup.

Steps to setup the extender device via installation assistant

  • Plug your device into a wall power socket
  • Now turn on the power
  • In case the power LED doesn't turn on automatically pressed on off switch
  • Connect your device to the extender either by a Ethernet wire connection or wireless connection
  • Note that it is always preferable that you use an Ethernet connection for the initial setup process
  • Now open a browser of your choice
  • In the address bar type mywifiext.net or you may enter your extenders IP address which is
  • Now your Netgear Extender Setup page will be displayed
  • For new extender devices click on new Netgear extender setup option
  • Fill up the required field and click on the next button
  • Make sure that the access point is set as extender and press the continue button
  • Select the routers Wi-Fi range you want to extend and click on next
  • Enter your routers password in the network key field and click on next
  • Now set the SSID name and password for your extender and click on next option
  • Connect your Wi-Fi enabled device to this new extender SSID
  • When the display message appears click on the next button for registration
  • Fill up the required fields for registration and once done hit finish
  • Now unlock your extender device and mover to the network drop zone of your house
  • Use the link LED light to see the optimum location of router signal
  • Now connect your computer or smart device with the extenders signal range and run a test trial

In case you cannot setup the Netgear Wi-Fi range extender

In case you cannot establish the extender setup the best option is to Reset Netgear Router and start the setup process from scratch. There are two ways by which you can run a factory reset on Netgear routers the steps are follows

  • Locate and press the reset button for 5 to 10 seconds, which is present on the rear panel of extender device
  • For avoiding any accident reset the factory reset button is present within a small hole paper clip or pin to hold the button
  • Now release the button
  • Wait patiently as your extended reboots
  • Once reset you need to walk through the entire Netgear new extender setup process to connect routerlogin.net setup with default credentials which are admin and password both case sensitive
  • You can also run a hard reset by software method.
  • Open up WPS client settings
  • Select the option maintenance
  • Go to the backup settings page
  • Now click the erase button
  • A confirmation command will popup
  • Confirm this command and your extender will start resetting.

In case you face any glitches take experts help.