Netgear Wifi Range Extender Firmware Update on

Netgear wifi range extenders are excellent in their work of boosting up the wifi signals of your existing router.They increase the network speed and quality, extending the wifi coverage to those dead zones where you get very little to no wifi signal at all.

Updating your remote range extender is very straightforward, particularly while utilizing the wizard. It is important to continue checking the updates that are accessible for your extender, in the light of the fact that with the extender completely refreshed you can encounter full system network and quick speed that it offers. You may confront a few issues if your extender's firmware isn't updated like it may continue disconnecting and reconnecting or the wifi speed may turn out to be less, relatively. Consequently it's ideal to search for the updates and follow to the guidelines down below so as to update the firmware of your Netgear wifi range extender.

Updating the Extender

In order to update your extender you need to go to the web site and follow the instructions there. But before you go to the site you must make sure that your extender is near the router and is connected well. The browser that you are using must be updated as well so that it doesn’t give any issues and your internet connection should be working well. After this you need to follow the steps given below –

  1. Plug your extender in an electrical outlet
  2. When your extender is successfully plugged in and switched on, you can open your device
  3. Launch a browser on your wifi enabled device
  4. Type the web address net in the address bar of the browser
  5. Click next
  6. You will see the login page
  7. Fill in your default credentials or if you have changed it you can fill the changed credentials
  8. When you click enter you will be taken to the setup page and the extender will check on its own for any new firmware updates
  9. In order to begin the update you will have to click the link
  10. Next you have to click 'yes' to download and introduce another firmware, in the wake of doing which you should be somewhat persistent as the procedure takes some time.
  11. Once the firmware is introduced effectively the extender will reboot to finish the update and your PC will lose association while the extender reboots.
  12. After the extender boots up, you can reconnect to the extender's wifi and that is about it, you are finished with refreshing your Netgear wifi extender's most recent firmware.
  13. Optionally you can come back to the extender's link to look at that everything functioned properly. Login again and check whether it shows a refreshed firmware.

Now all you have to do is take the extender back and place it to the best location. In order to continue experiencing its many benefits you need to keep checking for its firmware updates so that you don’t miss out on anything because of it.

Troubleshoot Issues

The above steps will help you to successfully update your extender’s firmware on the mywifiext site. In case if it so happens that you are unable to update you’re your extender you can call the expert team on 1-855-777-7456.