The EX 6400 AC 1900 Nighthawk Mesh Extender Setup

With the Nighthawk mesh wifi range extender offered by Netgear, you have the power to increase your wifi connectivity to another level. It will take the wifi signals from your main router and retransmit it to those areas of the house where the wifi connectivity is less or not at all there. This will greatly boost up your network and provide you with faster speed for streaming HD videos, gaming, surfing, browsing, entertainment and much more.

EX6400 Setup via Mywifiext

The wifi range extender setup of Netgear is done by two simple methods, one is through the web based setup and the other is WPS method. The manual setup via the site link will give you the freedom to do your own custom settings of the extender while in the WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) the extender and router interact and setup is done automatically by just a push of a button. The manual method takes little time and it may give you few errors while trying to access the setup site while in the WPS method you don’t need any kind of site access and it’s simple. However in the WPS method there comes a problem sometimes when the WPS button is not present on your old router. Many routers do not have the WPS button because of their old model or make, this will make you unable to setup the range extender through the WPS method. In such cases and more you can see the below given setup steps of the Netgear extender by the web based method –

In order to setup your wifi range extender you need to follow the guidelines given below –

  • Put your wifi range extender in the same room where your main router is
  • Connect the extender with the help of the Ethernet cables to your computer and check that all connections are tightly fit
  • The web browser that you are using should be updated to the latest version. You must also have more than one web browser with you, in case there comes any browser issues
  • You internet connection should be working well enough to give a decent speed for setting up the extender


After these above guidelines are followed as given then the next step comes of going to the setup page of the extender –

  1. In order to go to the setup page of the extender, you need to first make sure that your extender is properly connected
  2. See if the power LED is lit up, if not then reboot the extender
  3. Next just open a web browser and navigate on the address bar
  4. Enter the site link and press enter
  5. If all seems fine then you will be directed to the login page of the Netgear extender
  6. Once on the login page you need to fill up the required fields of the extender SSID and password given there
  7. The default username is admin and the default password is password. You can change this from the setup page under the extender settings later
  8. When you hit login, you will be taken to the setup page of the Netgear extender
  9. You can setup your extender by the instructions provided there without any troubles

If at any point you are unable to connect or access the mywifiext local setup page, then you can either reset your extender and try again or call the toll free number 1-855-394-0444 for step by step guidance by the experts.

  • Your Wifi extender provides all sort of help to you so that it is really great that most of the browse this site time that it is really very comfortable to make use of the time accordingly that you have to provide a secure password only then you will be able to make use of the timing.