Rural tourism in the USA - a great holiday option for the whole family

Interest in rural tourism in the world is widespread. A good example of the development of rural tourism are such countries as the USA, Holland, France and the UK. In these countries, tourist trips to the countryside are already taking the second place after a vacation by the sea. We are going to describe the features and advantages of the rural tourism, which could be taken into account when you will be planning a trip with your family of friends to the USA. Moreover, you can always rent 7 seater LAX Airport for your cheerful company!


The advantages of the rural tourism for the whole family:

  1. cultural growth, acquaintance with history, traditions, religion, rites, cuisine of the locals;
  2. the acquisition of skills in one or another field of activity;
  3. an additional resting place;
  4. variety of natural surroundings;
  5. the possibility of improving state of health.

Features of the rural tourism:

  • The obligatory condition of this type of holiday is that the tourist accommodation facilities, individual or specialized, must be in rural areas or small towns without industrial and multi-storey buildings. This feature is appreciated the most by families with small children, which are searching for the places with cleaner air and less noise.
  • Rural tourism is expected to be calm and measured in comfortable living conditions, a homely atmosphere, with reasonable prices, a feeling of intimacy with nature, new experiences, acquaintance with local traditions, entertainment opportunities for children and leisure activities for adults.
  • Attractive features of rural tourism are its cozy atmosphere, clean nature and air, natural products, as well as a quiet and peaceful life. This type of vacation is especially convenient for those tourists who, for various reasons, cannot afford other types of tourism. This type of tourism is especially in demand by such a segment of consumers as parents with children, grandparents and grandchildren: adults tend to show children rural life, give them the opportunity to socialize with animals, see how vegetables and fruits grow, etc. As a rule, this type of tourism allows urban residents to join the traditions and lifestyle of rural residents. Rural tourism allows the city dweller to take a break from the dynamic rhythm of life, change the atmosphere to a more relaxed one, and communicate with nature.

Rural tourism in the USA

Nowadays, rural tourism is especially popular in the United States. That is, the townspeople can not only have a good time, but also engage in physical labor, which most of them lack in the conditions of the city. Its clears the mind and helps solve the problems which sometimes seam unbearable.

The Internet offers dozens of farms for "rural tourism". Those, who wish to spend the holidays in such an “unconventional” way, can rent a whole farm. It means that they can either stay with the owners and help them in their work, or live there independently, caring for pets and preparing their own food. It is suggested that the best choice for the whole family is to have a holiday there together. For example, women can bake bread and cookies, as well as prepare other food, while men can bring the hay for livestock with a pitchfork, and then go hunting or fishing.

Basically, farm tourism is common in the most "peasant" states of the USA, which are in the Midwest - in Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas and Missouri. Moreover, this type of recreation attracts not only because of the opportunity to take a break from city noise and remember how the ancestors lived, but also because of its cheapness. Indeed, you can come to such a farm in groups of up to 10 people, and the cost of renting a farm for 2 nights and three days averages about $ 2 thousand. In comparison with the holiday in a big city, this would be cheaper for a big company.

It should also be noted that from a functional point of view, rural tourism is closely related to other types of tourism, mostly cultural, recreational, specialized types of tourism - skiing, fishing, hunting, etc. All this allows including rural tourism in combined tours that increase the demand for a traditional tourist product.