How to Have a Whole Home Wifi with the Netgear Nighthawk Mesh Extender?

When you experience lag in some areas of the house because of wifi network issues or connectivity problem, you can get a Netgear nighthawk wifi range extender which gives you a whole home wifi network. It not only uses the same wifi name as that of your main home network but it’s up 100% faster. Mywifiext extender setup helps the nighthawk extender to setup without any kind of problems and then it gives a whole home wifi, thereby putting off any dead zones in the house or office area.

EX8000 X6S Tri-Band Wifi Mesh Extender

This is the first tri-band and the most advanced nighthawk mesh extender by Netgear. It has the FastLane 3 technology which gives you the fastest speed of up to 3Gbps, it uses the same wifi name and works well with any kind of router and boosts your internet coverage immensely to give a powerful whole home mesh network.You will receive a seamless experience for your 4K video streaming wherever you go in your home, whether it is the garage or basement area, the wifi will not lag. It has 4 Ethernet ports with auto sensing technology, smart roaming and simple browser configuration through along with the push and connect WPS button.

EX7700 AC2200 X6 Tri-Band Wifi Mesh Extender

This Netgear nighthawk mesh extender has secure boot features, it doesn’t let the extended wifi bandwidth to be cut in half because of the FastLane3 technology which has a dedicated wifi link. You can set it up easily on mywifiext local site and make give your home a powerful mesh network with the fastest of speeds and great coverage all over the house and even outside. You wouldn’t have to change your router if your router is not giving you the required speed, just get the Ex7700 and connect it with your existing router. It works with all kinds of routers whether it is old or the ISP provided one.Its home friendly design and antennas give you style and boosted signals everywhere.

Nighthawk Extender Setup

For the setup of your Netgear Nighthawk Mesh wifi range extender, you only need to go through the steps provided here and if you face any kinds of issues or errors you can contact the professional team on the toll free number 1-855-394-0444. Below are the steps to setup the extender –

  1. Your extender should be close to the router
  2. The internet should be working fairly well
  3. All web browsers must be updated to the latest version
  4. Make sure of the above and then plug your extender to the wall electrical outlet
  5. Connect your extender to the computer via the Ethernet cables
  6. Make sure that the power LED is lit on the extender. Some have green power LED and some have blue power LED
  7. Now open the web browser
  8. Go to the address bar and type the site address
  9. Login with the default credentials and press login
  10. The setup page will open and you can follow the prompts to setup your extender

After your Nighthawk extender is setup you can move it to an area where it gets good wifi signal. From there the extender will take over and you can connect your wifi devices to it.