One step away from expert tax advice - your exclusive member benefit

Do you ever need a quick answer to a question but don't know quite where to look? You think a rule has changed, but did it? And if so when? Perhaps you are the only tax manager in the office today and you really need to talk through your understanding of something now.  Sometimes all we need is clarity.

This is where Tax Faculty's TAXconnect* could be the answer.

We have consultants on hand, specialists in their field, to help you with specific technical tax issues. Whether your problem is VAT, property, an HMRC enquiry, a question on domicile or some other tax matter, join the TAX Faculty and there will be someone to help.

TAXconnect consultants** provide advice over the phone exclusively to Tax Faculty members for a nominal fee of just £25.

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*previously called Tax Referral Scheme

** If you would like to become a consultant please send a copy of your CV with covering letter to