TAXtalk Wednesday 9 May 2018 - IHT, Trust Registration Service and PAYE

In our May 2018 TAXtalk, Anita Monteith will be joined by Sue Moore, ICAEW Tax Faculty’s private client tax manager and Peter Bickley, employers issues and NIC tax manager.

IHT is the flavour of the month, the Resolution Foundation published their take on it last week proposing a capital acquisition tax, the OTS is looking at simplification and the Chancellor promised a consultation on the taxation of trusts which will inevitably include IHT. Are they each going to come up with a different solution? The last two consultations on trusts and tax where the proposed solutions were more complex resulted in no change. Are we heading the same way again?

And having mentioned trusts, the Trust Registration service has continued to challenge practitioners, while our response to the future of work consultation has now been finalised and submitted to the Treasury.

Paying the final PAYE for 2017/18? What problems are there regarding reconciling payments made in the year?

Join us at 12:30 on 9 May 2018 by following the TAXtalk link, or watch again later at a time to suit you.

The April edition of TAXtalk when Raj Shah, Shah & Co, came to talk with us about how his practice is rising to the digital challenge is still available to watch on demand.