Trading after Brexit: don’t miss our webinar, available now

If you are confused by what the trading landscape will look like after Brexit, then you should watch our latest webinar The Trading Landscape after Brexit: The Customs Perspective.

Presented by Frank Haskew and Cróna Brady of Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI), the webinar was a follow up to the CAI/ICAEW joint publication 'Taking the lead: chartered accountants and Brexit', which was published in July 2018.

The webinar was designed to provide members with a helpful summary of what the future trading landscape could look like and what Customs procedures and processes will be needed for future trading between the UK and the rest of the EU. Although the webinar focused on trading between the UK and Ireland, the principles will apply to trading with the other EU member states.

Topics covered in the webinar included:

  • An overview of trading under Free Trade Agreements, World Trade Organisation rules and Customs Unions.
  • How customs and duty arrangements work under the different types of arrangements
  • Proposed changes will happen to the VAT rules
  • Latest developments including the Cross Border Trade Act 2018 and Government preparations for a no-deal Brexit.