Brexit - How to deal with Customs

In our recent webinar, Frank Haskew and John Boulton explain some of the key principles businesses need to understand in the post Brexit environment. These include:

  • WTO trade classification system
  • Bound, actual & preferential rates
  • Most favoured nation principle
  • Free trade agreements and certain preferential regimes
  • Tariff rate quotas
  • Anti-dumping measures

In an uncertain world, how exactly do you continue to import from the EU? Are you ready for customs procedures? This webinar sets out

  • The UK temporary tariff rates that apply if there’s no deal
  • Your GB EORI number
  • Who will make import declarations?
  • How you can you apply to make importing easier?
  • Can you benefit from duty deferment?

This webinar is free to view and is accessible together with other Brexit webinars at