CFE Tax Advisers Europe

CFE (the Confédération Fiscale Européenne) was founded nearly 60 years ago to represent the professional tax institutes in Europe and their members. At its annual meetings in September in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, the CFE General Assembly voted to extend its name to CFE Tax Advisers Europe so that it would be clearer what the organisation did, and whom it represented.

CIOT and Tax Faculty are the two UK members of CFE.

CFE Fiscal Committee, the technical Committee of CFE, meets three times a year and the General Assembly and the  Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) meet twice a year..

Ian Hayes, former chair of the Tax Faculty, is a Vice President of CFE and Ian Young is chair of the Direct Tax Sub-Committee of the Fiscal Committee while Carl Bayley, current chair of the Tax Faculty, attends the CFE General Assembly.

At its meetings CFE discusses international tax developments which are of interest to its member institutes and this year the committee of which Ian Young is chair reviewed a paper on Tax Certainty and the approach to tax treaties with developing countries. The Committee also reviewed the latest developments of the European Commission including the Anti Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD).

In the PAC there was discussion about the appropriate protection of whistle blowers in the field of tax and the recent draft Directive for disclosure of cross border tax arrangements.

More information about CFE is available on its website.