Employment taxes webinar - dynamic coding, off-payroll working and more

Nearly 300 people attended our latest webinar Employment taxes round up which was presented on 13 February 2018 by Kate Upcraft, Kate Upcraft Consultancy Ltd. Kate is a renowned lecturer, consultant and writer, and Deputy Chairman of ICAEW Tax Faculty’s Employment Taxes and NIC Committee, and was joined by Peter Bickley, ICAEW Tax Faculty Technical Manager, employment taxes and NIC. 

The following topics were covered during the webinar:

  • off-payroll working in the public sector – what have we learned?
  • Scottish taxes – five rates or sometimes only three?
  • PAYE in real time – does the post implementation review promise jam tomorrow?
  • dynamic coding – what have we learned since its launch in July (slides include screenshots of a personal tax account)
  • the new rules for benefits-in-kind provided through optional remuneration arrangements – legislative wrinkles and effect on this year’s P11Ds
  • changes to childcare support in April 2018 – impacts on employers and employees
  • auto-enrolment – contributions rise in April 2018: do employers offer “opting-down”?
  • termination payments – handling pay in lieu of notice from April 2018. 

A number of questions were asked during the webinar. We are collating these and will publish the answers as a TAXguide shortly. 

If you missed the webinar, or would like to watch it again and/or download the slides you can do so by visiting our webinar archive

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