Exclusions from online filing for 2016/17 – an update from HMRC

HMRC has provided an update on the exclusions from online filing. These exclusions require self assessment tax returns to be filed on paper in certain circumstances – see our news item Exclusions from online filing for 2016/17

The update is as follows:

“HMRC is working hard to ensure that no tax is incorrectly assessed for a very small number of self assessment customers, who have a very unusual combination of income types.

“HMRC is committed to helping customers file online for 2016/17 and is discussing how best to achieve this with agent representatives and software providers. Further information will be provided, as soon as it becomes available".

Tax agents and individual taxpayers who are about to file 2016/17 tax returns on paper because they fall within the exclusions may wish to delay filing for a few weeks until further details of the possible solutions are available.

The list of exclusions has been updated – the latest list is Version 4

  • HMRC held a conference call with software developers on 29 June and indicated that they would very soon decide whether or not to make changes to the live online filing system. The likelihood is that changes will be made to the live system probably in October and so the advice to delay filing until then is sound. HMRC have already released to developers their test case generator which has fixed virtually all of the errors that have caused the filing problems so far.