Finance Bill 2016-17 – progress to date

The Finance Bill, which will become Finance Act 2017, was published on 20 March and had its second reading on Tuesday 18 April.

There is a session of the Whole House (of Commons) on 24 April to scrutinise the following clauses in the Bill:

  • Clause 7 and Schedule 1 (workers’ services provided to public sector through intermediaries);
  • Clauses 58 and 59 (insurance premium tax);
  • Clause 65 (alcohol liquor duties);
  • Clause 107 (soft drinks industry levy);
  • Clauses 120 to 122 and Schedule 25 (digital reporting and record-keeping);
  • Clauses 124 to 129 and Schedules 27 to 29 (tax avoidance and evasion);

General election on 8 June will change the rest of the timetable and the content of the Finance Act

The remaining clauses were going to be scrutinised by the Public Bill Committee beginning the week of 24 April.

We now understand that the Bill is likely to be covered in only three days of debate and it will almost certainly fall within the Parliamentary Wash-up arrangements prior to dissolution of Parliament which is currently expected to be on 3 May.

You can follow the progress of the Finance Bill and access the documents and reports of the discussions on the Bill on the Parliamentary webpage.