Finance Bill 2019-20 – publication of draft clauses and other background material

The government has published draft clauses, explanatory notes and TIINs (Tax Information and Impact Notes) for measures which are expected to find their way into Finance Act 2020.

The current draft clauses are open for comment until 5 September 2019 and are expected to then be republished, as part of Finance Bill 2019-20 after the Budget. If plans go ahead for an emergency Budget in September, the impact on the timing of the Bill is unknown.

The items highlighted in the press release accompanying the draft bill included:

  • off-payroll working;
  • digital services tax; and
  • protecting our taxes in an insolvency

If any readers have comments on the current proposals then do please get in touch with the Tax Faculty so that we can reflect your comments and/or concerns in the representations we make.