Improvements to the agent services account

HMRC has responded to representations made by the ICAEW Tax Faculty and other professional bodies and has made some improvements to the agent services account (ASA).

The new version of the ASA screen is shown below:

This new version allows agents to access the ‘Sign clients up to Making Tax Digital for VAT’ and ‘Manage your client’s VAT details’ services directly from the ASA rather than from the relevant page only.

A further change means that when an agent copies over (links) client authorisations, the last four digits of the government gateway user ID copied over and the number of clients attached to that ID are displayed. This will provide reassurance about which government gateway IDs are linked to the ASA and therefore which client authorisations are recognised for MTD.

Options for displaying a full client list in the ASA are being explored but the solution is not straightforward as there is a need to ensure that the information is visible only to the appropriate members of staff within a firm, given that each firm has only one ASA.