Lender acceptance of tax calculations and tax year overviews

Many mortgage providers and other lenders have agreed with HMRC that, as evidence of income, the lenders will accept tax calculations and tax year overviews that taxpayers or agents have printed from commercial self assessment software or online tax accounts. A number of additional lenders have been added to the list of providers who accept these documents. 

Following reports that some of the listed lenders have not always been following the agreed process, HMRC has identified some of the reasons for this including out of date information on websites and has worked with the lenders to ensure that the process is followed. 

If you encounter specific examples of lenders who are on the list but are not following the process please email details to caroline.miskin@icaew.com so that this can be taken up with HMRC and the lender. 

  • The issue is a problem with mortgage intermediaries as much as with junior bank staff. The arrangements to which you refer are made by the banks and building societies at senior national level - they need to get the message through to all the junior staff who are the only ones who actually talk to their customers.