Lots to discuss in this month’s TAXtalk – 12:30 on Wednesday 13 July

Possible new tax system for small companies. Three line accounts attracting attention. Heads up if you work for a public body through a personal service company

There is still much uncertainty in the aftermath of the vote to Brexit. The rumoured collection of consultation documents is still just a rumour as the political upheaval has yet to be resolved, but the Finance Bill 2016 has run through the committee stage at break neck speed (a week ahead of schedule); so we have a lot to talk about.

Meanwhile, the Office of Tax Simplification has some big ideas to reform company tax which could perhaps align with the possible requirements for Making Tax Digital. We have been looking more closely at the OTS suggestions and will be discussing these in this month’s TAXtalk.

Then there is the off-payroll working in the public sector consultation. This seems likely to affect far more businesses and workers that its title would suggest.

And on the practice side, we are getting reports of HMRC fishing trips for those submitting three line accounts for their businesses.

Join Anita Monteith, Caroline Miskin and Peter Bickley, from the Tax Faculty’s technical team as they discuss emerging issues in TAXtalk at 12:30 on Wednesday 13 July 2016.

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