Make the most of HMRC’s agent forum

The Tax Faculty would like to encourage members in practice to join and participate in HMRC’s online forum for tax agents. 

The forum is the way for agents to report issues with HMRC’s systems and processes that are not client specific. Forum members can report new issues on the forum as well as add their experiences to threads started by other agents. The latter is important as weight of evidence is crucial when the professional body representatives on the Issues Overview Group are pressing HMRC to resolve issues. Client identifying details must not be posted on the forum but there is a mailbox to which agents can email the specific details of cases and identifying details once a thread has been started. 

Our previous news item Join the HMRC agent forum to raise and keep up to date with the latest information on widespread HMRC systems and process issues explains in detail how you can join HMRC’s Agent Online Forum. 

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  • The new format for the HMRC SA  portal in respect of the "view account" is less functional and less user-friendly than the previous version because it requires repeatedly having to scroll down the screen in order to access the data. It is a change for the worse. 

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