Now we are 900

On Tuesday 27 February 2018 the Tax Faculty reaches a milestone – the publication of the 900th edition of our newswire. 

How it started

The newswire was the brainchild of Francesca Lagerberg and Frank Haskew. After the first 100 issues they handed over to Anita Monteith, who was later joined by Ian Young and Jane Moore, making today’s editing team. 

The first newswire covered the week ended 2 June 2000 and was 400 words long. That first newswire featured the problems of IR35 and personal service companies. No change there, then! 

Nowadays the newswire is typically around 5,000 words long, which demonstrates the enormous explosion in the amount of tax that we all have to cope with these days. It is now sent to some 40,000 subscribers each week (see below for how to sign up). 

What we continue to do

The aim of the newswire is to provide a round-up of tax-related developments in the past week. With so much happening, we have to be selective, and we cover major developments and those likely to be important for our readers working in tax. 

News items are published throughout the week on our Tax News website and then included in the Tuesday mail-out. We also provide a pdf containing all the week’s news, which you can download. 

In each news item we summarise the key points, with links to the source material, and endeavour to add extra commentary based on the Tax Faculty’s own knowledge and work. 

We publicise new government consultations – on which we are always keen to hear members’ views – and report on our responses to previous consultations. 

We use the newswire to send our members practical guidance, including reminders of deadlines and new information from HMRC, some of which may not be available on its website. 

We also signpost readers to our tax material on the main ICAEW website, such as the Making Tax Digital hub and the new section on site Tax topics for today

And finally, our newswire keeps members informed of our events, such as webinars, TAXtalk and Tax Club. 

The news website is a blog, so you can post comments on Tax Faculty news items, and also start your own discussions. 

How to sign up for the newswire

The newswire is free to all – you don’t have to be an ICAEW or Tax Faculty member. 

If you already have a login to, go to My Account and choose ‘Edit my preferences’. Once there, simply select ‘Tax newswire’ from the ‘Digital newsletters and magazines’ section. 

If you are new to the ICAEW website, you will first need to create an account by registering as a new user