OECD publications “Tax Administration 2017”

The Tax Administration publication is now issued every two years by the OECD Forum of Tax Administration (FTA) which has just finished its 11th plenary meeting in Oslo, Norway from 27 – 29 September 2017. See Tax Administration 2017.

Read our report of the FTA plenary meeting by clicking here.

The FTA was established in 2002.

This is the seventh in this series of Tax Administration publications.

The 2017 publication contains seven chapters that provide performance-related data, trends and commentary based on data up to the end of the 2015 fiscal year, and it also includes eight articles authored by participating administrations on a range of topical issues in tax administrations as well as over one hundred examples of innovation and best practices.

The seven main chapters in the publication cover:

  • Changing face of tax administrations
  • Tax collection
  • Institutional arrangements of tax administrations
  • Tax compliance risk
  • Changing role of tax service providers
  • Performance of tax administrations
  • Budget and human resources

The eight chapters on topical issues cover:

  • Advance analytics
  • Co-operative approaches to tax
  • Insights from innovations in tax debt management
  • Using digital delivery to enhance the integrity of tax systems
  • Large business and international
  • Improving mutual agreement procedures
  • Measurement of tax gaps
  • Third party data management - the journey from self assessment to pre-filing and no-return approaches

There is then a statistical Annex. The data in the Annex can also be accessed via a web portal at http://qdd.oecd.org/subject.aspx?Subject=TAS