Self assessment online filing exclusions – October 2017 update

On 23 October 2017 the self assessment filing software for 2016/17 returns has been updated.

This fix is required to correct calculations of the income tax liability for certain combinations of income which include interest and dividends. It will allow online filing exclusions 48 to 56 and 58 to 59 to be removed; returns covered by these exclusions can now be filed online. Any queries on when the fix will be available for a particular software product should be addressed to the software provider.

HMRC will continue to run scans to check the calculations of returns that are filed online before the fix is implemented and will manually correct these cases.

There is a workaround for exclusion 60 applying to no gain/no loss reporting on CGT purposes. Exclusion 61 relating to averaging adjustments will not be removed until April 2018 for 2017/18 returns.

HMRC has now released version 7 of the list of exclusions from online filing and some further exclusions have been added. Some additional exclusions have been identified and added to the list. Issues concerning the correct calculation of liabilities on chargeable events are still under consideration and it is possible that further exclusions will be required.