The PCRT enters the digital age

Our professional conduct code on tax – Professional Conduct in Relation to Taxation (PCRT) – has been republished in a new digital form to make it clearer and more user-friendly for members. 

As part of this move to a digital platform, we took the opportunity to restructure the format of the PCRT so that the text now focuses on Chapter 2, the Fundamental Principles and the Standards for Tax Planning. The remaining chapters of the PCRT, which contain guidance on the application of the Fundamental Principles and Standards, have been renamed Helpsheets and these are now hyperlinked from the Fundamental Principles and Standards. Existing cross references within the paper PCRT have also been hyperlinked directly to the relevant material, making it easier to find this material quickly. 

The rationale for this approach is to help address members’ concerns that the paper-based PCRT was too long and that it was not always clear what was mandatory and what was guidance. In this digital PCRT we have addressed these concerns by refocusing the PCRT on the core obligations that members must follow if they work in tax. That is, the Fundamental Principles and Standards. This section is therefore essential reading for all members working in tax. The Helpsheets remain part of the PCRT and, as guidance, support the application of the Fundamental Principles and Standards: members should refer to them as and when needed. 

Although the digital PCRT has been republished in this restructured form in April 2018, the substance and effect of the PCRT has not changed from the paper-based PCRT that became effective on 1 March 2017. The existing paper-based PCRT remains equally effective but we hope that members will find the new digital format more helpful. The new digital format should also make it easier to update; for example, the individual Helpsheets can be updated for developments without the need to republish the whole PCRT. 

The PCRT is prepared jointly by seven professional bodies and associations, including ICAEW, whose members work in tax. Further information about the PCRT, including links to the document and other helpful resources, can be found on our PCRT page.