The Queen’s Speech 2017

The Queen’s Speech was delayed a couple of days from Monday 19 June to Wednesday 21 June 2017 and covers 27 Bills to be introduced over a two year period as the government has decided to have a longer parliamentary session than the normal 12 months in order to get through all the Brexit related Bills. The next Queen’s Speech will be in 2019. 

The rationale for the two year session is explained in this Press Release from the Government

The Queen’s Speech was supplemented by an 82 page Background Briefing Notes in which the three Finance Bills that are to be introduced in this parliamentary session are described as follows: 

“The programme will also include three Finance Bills to implement budget decisions. Summer Finance Bill 2017 will include a range of tax measures including those to tackle avoidance. The programme will also include a technical Bill to ratify several minor EU agreements and further Bills, which will be announced in due course, to effect the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. The Government will also be taking forward a range of other measures which may not require primary legislation.” 

There will also be a National Insurance Contributions Bill

“ to legislate for National Insurance contributions (NICs) changes announced at previous fiscal events (Budget 2016 and Autumn Statement 2016).”

In order to be sure to get the Queen’s Speech approved by parliament the government has entered into a “Confidence and Supply” agreement with the DUP, Democratic and Unionist Party, which was signed on Monday 26 June. Under the terms of the agreement 

“the DUP agrees to support the Government on all motions of confidence and on the Queen’s speech; the Budget; finance bills; money bills, supply and appropriation legislation and Estimates.”

The Queen’s Speech is being debated over six parliamentary working days with a vote on Thursday 29 June 2017.

ICAEW has published an analysis of the legislation in the Queen’s Speech.