The Tax Faculty Referral Scheme – tell us what you think

One of the key benefits of being a member of the Tax Faculty is the ability to receive technical advice from a specialist consultant for a nominal fee via the Referral Scheme.


We want to hear from members who have used the Scheme about their experiences. We’d like to know:


  • what support were you looking for,
  • how the Referral Scheme helped you, and
  • any suggestions for what we could do to ensure the Scheme is relevant and useful.


Please share your thoughts below or contact:

  • I am commenting as both an adviser and a user. I have had many VAT enquiries over the last five years and hope I have been able to answer them all satisfactorily. Gratifyingly, some users have become regular clients and I have helped them with more complex queries. I generally follow up even the £25 queries with a short email confirming my advice, which I think benefits both the client and the advisor. I use the scheme from time to time for questions on direct tax and have received some excellent advice. I accept, as my own clients do, that questions cannot always be dealt with in 15 minutes and that in those cases it is appropriate to charge at a commercial rate.

  • Thank you, to everyone who has posted comments here - they are very helpful. We are pleased to see that quite a few people have found the scheme helpful, but have taken note of criticisms and comments as well.

  • I was looking for advice about a beneficiary of a UK trust who was resident in France.  For a very modest fee I was pointed in the right direction.  Subsequently I have been able to put a potential client in touch with the firm that assisted me and in some way I hope this has compensated them for the help they gave me.

  • I have tried using the referral scheme twice.  The first time the reply was that it was a complex issue and they couldn't really help, the second time I got no reply.  

    I would prefer to pay for a help desk and have queries answered more directly rather than the referral scheme which has not been very helpful to me personally.

  • Excellent scheme.

    The colleagues I have approached for assistance have been helpful and generous with their time.