Webinar – entrepreneurs’ relief – your questions answered

Partnerships, jointly held shares, post cessation disposals and more


On 26 June, Pete Miller and Sarah Ghaffari hosted a webinar which outlined the recent changes to entrepreneurs’ relief.


During the webinar, Pete explained that a number of clauses (clauses 73-75) in Finance Bill 2016 were introduced to rectify unintended consequences of Finance Act 2015, in relation to partnerships, associated disposals and joint ventures.


Numerous amendments have been made to these clauses throughout the parliamentary process, so if you are struggling to get your head around all the recent changes you may find this webinar useful. It is available to Tax Faculty members only, so if you aren’t a member, why not join now under our special half year off for just £54?


Several questions were asked during the session, which we did not have time to answer. These questions have been now been answered and can be found in our webinar questions and answers sheet which can be downloaded below.