Working Together with HMRC – are you using the agent forum?

The way that agents raise HMRC service and process issues through Working Together has changed. The route to raise issues that are potentially widespread (ie, not client specific) is now through the HMRC forum for tax agents.


HMRC and the professional bodies would like to promote the use of the forum and increase the number of agents involved. See our previous news item for details of how to join: Join the HMRC agent forum to raise issues and keep up to date


The Issues Overview Group (IOG), which has representatives from the main professional bodies, works with HMRC to monitor the issues being raised on the forum. Issues which are not satisfactorily resolved are escalated by IOG and followed up with the HMRC team responsible for the particular issue.


A Talking Points webinar on 21 November 2017 (13:00–14:00)will explain how the forum operates and how issues are worked. Professional body representatives will be joining HMRC to present this webinar. Register here for this meeting.

  • I registered for the new Agent Forum when it was launched but I tend to forget it is there because I do not receive any emails advising me when new queries have been added.  Is there a facility to do this?  I notice that some of the queries are closed because of lack of responses and HMRC staff appear to assume that the problem raised by the original query is of an isolated rather than widespread nature.  It could be that agents are not aware of the original query and therefore do not comment with their own examples.