HMRC’s new telephone service – intelligent or not?

HMRC has recently introduced a new way of handling calls on some of its helplines.  

The new system is called Intelligent Telephony Automation or ITA. HMRC say that this new technology will help improve the handling of calls. Instead of being offered different push button options, the system will apparently recognise and react to what the caller says.  

HMRC is also automating elements of the security process, and based on the information that the caller provides the system, the HMRC adviser will know why they are calling and whether or not they have passed security. HMRC is hoping that this will speed up the time that advisers spend with callers; by allowing them to focus on the issue, the call should be completed more quickly. 

This new ITA system will prompt callers to say a few words to describe the reason for their call. It is designed to recognise key words or phrases such as Maternity/RTI/P45 and can forward the call onto the correct adviser or ask further questions if required. HMRC says the system has been widely tested with all accents from all over the UK.  

Have you experienced HMRC’s Intelligent Telephony Automation system? How effectively was your call handled? Do you believe ITA is a quicker way of resolving a query with HMRC by telephone? 

Post a comment below to share your experiences, good or bad. 

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  • Anonymous
    As a Payroll Manager I find the service useless, 100% of calls are put through to the wrong department due to this automated service. All it does is syphon off anyone that does not have the time to battle the ITA, if you do persevere you get push button options, but its still a long way to go before you get to a real person as the generic promoting of the website to again get you off the phone!! Once through to an agent, your guess is as good as mine if you actually get someone that can help.... my record so far is 8 people spanning 4 departments - this was just to find out if I still need to submit an IR35 report even though I only operate a PAYE payroll.... no-one would commit to a certainty so I'm now in the hand of the email gods....15 day response time apparently!!! Its an absolute joke!!!
  • Anonymous

    In reply to Paul Benney:

    Completely agree with your comments!!!
  • Anonymous

    In reply to Anonymous:

    Try the online services helpline as I guess it is their software after all (this is just advice through , if you end up in a queue don't blame me!!) 0300 2003600