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Getting through to HMRC on the telephone in 2015: Report your problem

Are you having any problems when contacting HMRC by phone?

Please post a comment below to tell us about your experiences, indicating:  

  1. the name of the helpline
  2. the telephone number
  3. an outline of the problem you were calling about
  4. how long it took for your call to be answered
  5. whether you were happy with how the call was handled, and
  6. if your issue was resolved satisfactorily.

If you do not have time to expand your comment please just provide the basic information in items 1 to 3. 

Post a comment below
Your feedback in 2014 was invaluable in helping us to monitor this important area of HMRC’s work and provide evidence to support our concerns about HMRC’s disappointing performance standards. We sent your comments to HMRC in a report in May 2014 which can be found together with HMRC’s reply at HMRC’s telephone service: the department replies to Tax Faculty comments.

There is still work to do and we will continue to work with HMRC through the Joint Initiative for Service Delivery (JISD) to address these issues.

We also welcome your feedback and comments on which HMRC telephone lines are working well.

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  • Our firm routinely waits at least 20 minutes to get through on the CT Helpline (0300 200 3410) and lately even when we do get through the person says they cannot do what we are asking (such as reallocate a payment which has clearly gone against the wrong CT period) and are told we have to put things in writing.  There is a need for a more instantaneous response than this!  It seems that if your query does not fit some narrowly defined criteria the "helpline" is unable or unwilling to help and there is nowhere else to go to.
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