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Getting through to HMRC on the telephone in 2015: Report your problem

Are you having any problems when contacting HMRC by phone?

Please post a comment below to tell us about your experiences, indicating:  

  1. the name of the helpline
  2. the telephone number
  3. an outline of the problem you were calling about
  4. how long it took for your call to be answered
  5. whether you were happy with how the call was handled, and
  6. if your issue was resolved satisfactorily.

If you do not have time to expand your comment please just provide the basic information in items 1 to 3. 

Post a comment below
Your feedback in 2014 was invaluable in helping us to monitor this important area of HMRC’s work and provide evidence to support our concerns about HMRC’s disappointing performance standards. We sent your comments to HMRC in a report in May 2014 which can be found together with HMRC’s reply at HMRC’s telephone service: the department replies to Tax Faculty comments.

There is still work to do and we will continue to work with HMRC through the Joint Initiative for Service Delivery (JISD) to address these issues.

We also welcome your feedback and comments on which HMRC telephone lines are working well.

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  • I must admit to being a bit bemused by people complaining at waiting for only 25 mins for HMRC phone lines.  My staff and I find that we NEVER wait less than 35 minutes on a good day.  We are usually obliged to wait at least 50 minutes to an hour.

    The latest effort was to the online services helpdesk on 0300 200 3600.  My staff member has now phoned on three separate days, waiting a minimum of 50 minutes on each occasion.  On none of those three occasions has the call been answered. 

    So we've emailed HMRC instead.  That was two days ago, and the email has been acknowledged but no reply has yet been received, despite the acknowledgement saying that HMRC would resolve the matter within 48 hours.  I suppose they've still got about half an hour to do so within that unacceptably slow timeframe ...

    It's a disgrace.
  • 1 Corporation Tax helpline
    2  03002003410
    3  Ct return not processed
    4 25 minutes
    5 Was told to write in   Seems that this is the standard reply from this helpline
    6  No
  • On 1 April I was trying to help a client pay some voluntary NICs before 5 April.

    1. NI helpline
    2. 0300 200 3500
    3. Information about paying voluntary contributions for past periods - the web guidance only covers how to set up a new direct debit or bill for future periods.  I already had a statement showing the number of qualifying years on the record, and I knew which years were relevant and how much to pay, but no obvious way to pay for any such blank years.
    4. It took seconds for the machine to answer, then I was on hold for a while after going through the voice-response menu.  I eventually gave up and redialled later.  The second time I was on hold for 28 minutes before I was put through to an adviser.  The call then took seven minutes to resolve the query.
    5. Yes, the adviser knew what he was talking about and was friendly and helpful.
    6. I'll know when the follow-up paperwork arrives in the post.

    This was all much more successful than when I called HMRC in January about a login for a client who wanted to file online.  A request had been submitted in December and nothing had been received.  The APL was very quick to answer the phone and recognised my 64-8 details, but referred me to the online services line.  The Shipley desk answered after about ten minutes but refused to speak to me in any detail because it did not recognise the existence of the 64-8.  My client was advised simply to submit a new online request for a login and plead reasonable excuse if it didn't arrive in time.

  • (1) On 13th April 2015 I called the Self Assessment help line (2) 03002003310. This was the number on the Form SA316 for one of our Limited Liability Partnerships.

    (3) to have a spurius tax return request cancelled for an LLP that has been dissolved.

    (4) On both occassions I had to wait over 25 minutes for a response by a person.  On both occasions I was told that my query on Limited Liability Partnerships had to be dealt with by specialist and that they would transfer me to another line.  The line went dead and a minute later my calls both terminated. 

    (5) Very frustrated and very unhappy.  On the second call I asked for the number to dial myself but was simply ignored. 

    I don't know whether there was a real issue with the call transfer or I was deliberately being dumped out of the system.  I know what I suspect but can't prove it.

    (6) the issue is still not resolved. In the end I emailed the Inspector of Taxes who deals with the Corporation Tax for our group explaining the issue and asking for a "better" phone number or to forward the email to the relevent SA department.  Not their job but they are as helpful as they are allowed to be.

    The above is fairly typical of my experience with any HMRC helpline over the past year. 
  • I phoned 18th April 2015 around midday
    1. CIS helpline 0300 200 3210 to correct some submissions earlier in the tax year. Took 15 minutes to get through and was dealt with promptly.
    2.Employers Helpline 0300 200 3200 as was having problem with an EPS on Basic Tools not passing the validity checks. It took 30 minutes  to be answered and discovered that it needed to be answered by Online services.They transferred me to them which took another three minutes and they sorted the problem.

    I had assumed that as it was a Saturday HMRC would not have many queries from employers and I would be dealt  with reasonably quickly.How wrong can you be.