HMRC’s Employer helpline – can you get through?

The Tax Faculty has received some reports that HMRC’s Employer helpline Tel: 0300 200 3200 is proving difficult to get through to, with unacceptable, lengthy delays before calls are answered. We have also heard feedback that sometimes a recorded message announces that the lines are too busy, instructs the caller to try again another time and then the call is disconnected.

We are interested to find out if this problem is widespread, particularly as RTI can generate high volumes of calls to HMRC’s Employer helpline.

Please let us know what your experience has been when you called the Employer helpline in recent months, providing:

·        an outline of the problem you were calling about

·        how long it took for your call to be answered

·        was your call disconnected because the lines were busy

·        whether you were happy with how the call was handled, and

·        if your issue was resolved satisfactorily

Please post a comment below.
Your feedback is valuable and allows us to provide vital evidence to HMRC where we believe their service standards need to be improved.
In our TAXREP 32/14 HMRC Telephone Service Standards, submitted to HMRC in May, we recommended an Agent Dedicated Line for PAYE Employer queries.
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  • I have just spent 20 frustrating minutes waiting for HMRC Employer Helpline to answer my call before I decided to hang up.  The reason for my call is incorrect PAYE codes for two of my clients, five tax-payers in total, arising from P11D returns and online P46 car returns not being handled properly and promptly by HMRC.  I cannot charge my clients for this time.  This helpline has not been fit for purpose for several years - when is HMRC going to give agents a dedicated PAYE helpline?  When are we going to see the step change in HMRC's customer service that has been so desperately needed for so long? 

    Ann McEllin

  • I have also struggled to get through to HMRC Employer Helpline recently on a few occasions. It takes the biscuit when, as a busy person myself, I hear the recorded message explain 'we are very busy' shortly before it disconnects me; it does make it sound as though the caller is ringing just to while away the hours.
  • I have been trying to reinstate a PAYE scheme for my client after he had cancelled it. After numerous attempts to speak on the employers helpline I looked for an address to which to write but could not find one. It seems to me that HMRC wants to be invisible to the public given that they have closed all the local enquiry offices. What are our taxes paying for, I wonder.
  • @ John Haley

    The link below gives an address for Employers General Enquiries.  Perhaps this would work.

    HM Revenue and Customs - Customer Operations Employer Office
    Chillingham House
    Benton Park View

    NE98 1ZZ

    Kind regards

  • I waited 48 minutes recently. I usually put a phone headset on and do the washing up to the sounds of the Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba. The big problem is that while waiting it is difficult to do any other serious work because you will miss listening to any instructions.

    For what it's worth, I actually turn down any payroll/PAYE work because the waiting times and the arcane nature of the work render it uneconomic.