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Do you have any comments on iXBRL tagging for corporation tax?

We have been asked by HMRC whether our members have comments on how iXBRL tagging for company tax returns is working three years on. 

We are particularly interested in your views on the detailed profit and loss account. 

Tax Faculty members can read more about iXBRL tagging and developments in this area in Anita Monteith’s briefing in April 2014 TAXline. 

To give your feedback, please email Anita at by 22 April 2014 or post a comment below. 

  • Sorry to go against the flow but I haven't found it any trouble at all.

    I only have six corporate returns to do but I use VT for the accounts and the iXBRL file is produced at the press of a button, all tagging pre-completed and ready to send.

    I just attach that file to the CT return, produced by my tax software (Drummohr) and send it off.  Then just check it is received OK.  I reckon it probably takes considerably less time than when I had to print off the accounts and CTR plus CT comps, prepare a letter and envelope and send the whole lot off to HMRC.
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