What exchange rate to use for VAT-MOSS reports ?

VAT-MOSS returns are due by 20 April. For sales made from the UK the amount of the sale and the amount of the VAT due must be reported in pounds sterling. If the sale has been made in another currency which date should  be used for exchange rate to translate into £s. Is that :
the sale the date was made;
the date payment was received by the supplier;
the end of the VAT period in which the sale was made; or
the end of the week in which the sale was made.
VAT notice 741A recommends the last day of the reporting period to which the declaration relates, but does this guidance alos apply to VAT-MOSS?


  • Further information for my own question. I found within the VAT-MOSS guidance this statement:

    Exchange rates

    If you charge or invoice consumers in other member states in a currency other than pound sterling, and you record that price in your business accounts in that currency, you must convert the amount into sterling at the end of each calendar quarter. You must use the rate published by the European Central Bank on the last working day of that quarter, see HMRC VAT MOSS conversion rates. [this link does not take one to exchange rates but to the VAT notices]

    However, if you automatically convert the foreign currency into sterling using an agreed daily or other periodic rate and you record these sterling amounts in your business accounts, you can use these figures to complete your quarterly VAT MOSS Return.

    However, how does that guidance tally with this guidance in VAT notice 700 para 16.3:
    When a UK VAT-registered business makes a sale the VAT invoice it issues must show the VAT due in sterling, irrespective of the currency used to express the value of the net amount of the sale.