How to pay HMRC over the telephone.

Without the self assessment reminders this year to submit and pay, many taxpayers are wondering left how to pay.  Unless they have internet access they are unable to pay, as they do not have paying in slips for use at the post office or bank. Looking at HMRC website there is no indication that tax can be paid over the telephone. 

I have just telephoned HMRC agent helpline and although HMRC do accept payment over the telephone, the person agreed that she could not find it on the HMRC "Pay your self assessment tax bill".

For those in the same position having to fend off frustrated clients, the number is 0300 200 3402.


  • Thank you for the update on the telephone number.
    You can also pay tax directly using a debit or credit card at See also the how to pay your self assessment tax bill on GOV.UK.
  • Yes, but as Mark says, only useful if taxpayer has internet access.  I have many clients who don't, and don't 'do' telephone banking either, because they cannot remember all the passcodes etc.  Like Mark, I was scrabbling round to try to find a way they could pay their bills by telephone with a debit card.  Personally I think it's disgraceful that HMRC is making it so difficult this year for people to pay tax in a way that they would like to use.  I know it saves costs but HMRC should allow those who prefer traditional banking methods and post to be able to use them.  I do hope TaxFac will take this up with HMRC and ensure that, in the future, telephone payments is shown as an option.
  • I would agree with Angela's comment.

    Also it has taken up considerable time for us this January, explaining to clients how to pay their taxes without the payslip/ reminders. I would estimate our office has probably had perhaps 50 calls or e-mails from clients on this.
  • I too had the problem with one of my clients. I had the telephone number from the previous year but was reluctant to give him that in case it had changed.
    HMRC should show the telephone number clearly
  • I also have a quite a few clients who don't have a computer and will never have one.
    It has taken us a lot of time finding ways for them to pay - thanks for the phone number, is that the up to date number? I tried one from  ICAEW contact list (June 2014) but it was no longer valid.
    I don't like recommending clients to post cheques to HMRC as we have had a couple stolen from the the post and banked elsewhere.
    If HMRC are not going to send out payslips, we need a way of printing a payslip that the banks will accept. 
    This has been a very annoying extra issue to deal with in January.
  • Thank you for posting this phone number. We had previously approached HMRC asking if there was a number for taxpayers to call to pay their Self Assessment tax this January but had not been given one nor has HMRC published the number on their website.

    Despite several requests from the professional bodies HMRC has confirmed that there is no intention to issue either tax return reminders or blank payslips in the future.

  • I found the easiest way for non internet banking clients was to use the agents on line client record and then get the client to provide the debit card details to make payment by clicking the "how to pay" icon and then pay by debit card. There doesn't seem to be any reason not to use the clients card details and it seems to work perfectly. The identity fields are prepopulated with the clients UTR+K so I can't see any objection as long as the client is happy to give us the card details as they would for any debit card purchase from a retailer. This can either be by coming in or by telephone. Can anyone see a problem with this?
  • I agree with Angela's comments and Carol's experience.  Most of my phone calls this past week have been from clients enquiring how they may settle their SA tax.  Very few are either happy or able to use electronic means.  Thank you for publishing the debit card number which has been on a Post-It note in front of me ready for the next call!
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    In reply to Audrey Sawdon:

    I have used the number shown in January 2017 to pay my Tax bill.
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    I have today received a red letter saying I missed the 31 jan deadline, but I paid £2500.00 on 27 Jan by bank xfer and you are now saying I owe £1913.11 which means you owe me a refund Ref ZS743091D I have given up trying to speak to anyone by 'phone so please phone me on 01252 790028 or by email to
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