How to pay HMRC over the telephone.

Without the self assessment reminders this year to submit and pay, many taxpayers are wondering left how to pay.  Unless they have internet access they are unable to pay, as they do not have paying in slips for use at the post office or bank. Looking at HMRC website there is no indication that tax can be paid over the telephone. 

I have just telephoned HMRC agent helpline and although HMRC do accept payment over the telephone, the person agreed that she could not find it on the HMRC "Pay your self assessment tax bill".

For those in the same position having to fend off frustrated clients, the number is 0300 200 3402.


  • Thank you for posting this phone number. We had previously approached HMRC asking if there was a number for taxpayers to call to pay their Self Assessment tax this January but had not been given one nor has HMRC published the number on their website.

    Despite several requests from the professional bodies HMRC has confirmed that there is no intention to issue either tax return reminders or blank payslips in the future.

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