Non-resident pages for self-assessment tax returns

I am currently overseas on secondment and trying to complete my tax return obligations in the UK for a year in which we were non-resident for the whole tax year.  We have small amounts of interest and rental income (but overall a loss) which I have included in the return.  However, I'm struggling on HMRC's self assessment system to understand how I show my non-resident status.  I believe its the SA109 form but am I correct in understanding that its not possible to use this form in their system and therefore you can't submit your return without a tax agent or access to commercial software?  To force you to use an agent just to get a simple tick box form into your return seems at odds with simplification and helping people to do their own returns.  Can anybody tell me whether I can submit the form myself or do I have no choice but to pay someone just to get this form?  Thanks
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  • If you are submitting returns for yourself and immediate family and are not charging fees as a professional accountant or tax advisor you can use the TaxCalc Personal 6 product which allows submission of up to 6 Personal Tax Returns (SA100) and all the supplementary pages including self-employment, foreign, land and property, capital gains and non-residence.  The cost is a very reasonable £25.59 and it is far easier to use than the bare HMRC paper Return, having all the checks and balances and tax calculations built in to the software.  However, HMRC should definitely make it possible to submit all their Returns online free of charge.