HMRC Enforcement & Insolvency Service (EIS) - Worthing - MVLs

It was reported throughout the insolvency community that on 1 December 2014 the Worthing office would take over the running of members' voluntary liquidations (MVLs) in respect of VAT. 


During a telephone call on 28 January 2015 with EIS (03000 519 936) it was confirmed that from 1 December 2014 the office did not have IT access and so it was sometime in January 2015 that they started inputting case information, and they were doing this by looking at the Gazette; apparently they had to start looking at entries from October 2014.


(For the avoidance of doubt I could not understand why they were using this method of updating their systems, why were they not relying on the submissions made to HMRC from the Insolvency Practitioners?)


We understood there would be some backlog but on 12 March 2015 I spoke again for updates on our cases.  I was told to call back on the “hotline” 03000 577 060 as this is the number where the staff take it in turns to answer the phone. 


I called the “hotline”, took some time answering but was then told that they cannot discuss cases over the telephone, we have to email: BUT for cases over 6 months old!  I asked what are we to do about cases before that, I was told that the office is 3 months behind at present so either we will hear from them or it will get to the point where the case is 6 months old so then can communicate!


Until 18 June 2015 the hotline was being answered and cases were being progressed, to some extent.  We would often email and then chase by telephone because the office would not reply to emails.  They would however acknowledge that their system showed the email.


However, since 18 June 2015 to date, I have attempted, practically on a daily basis (at various times of the day) to call and the response is:


“Sorry your call did not go through, please try your call again later.”


I have tried calling 03000 519 936 and again the same response.  I emailed on 24 June 2015 and to date no reply.


This situation is most worrying; the shareholders on each case quite rightly require updates as the liquidation progresses and do not understand why it takes HMRC so long to attend to matters.  We are concerned that as time passes the shareholders will question our competence.

Have any fellow Insolvency Practitioners experienced the same?  We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions on how to attend to this matter.

Many thanks,

Lauren Cullen
Marks Bloom
020 8549 9951

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  • In my experience the only way to get a substantive response from HMRC these days is to file an appeal with the tax tribunal. Even the complaints division does not respond, and there seems no point trying to chase them with follow up letters.
    The other way is, of course, to wait 18 months or more before trying to finalise anything, but then monitoring get twitchy.
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