Getting through to HMRC on the telephone in 2016 - are there still problems?

The 555 posts to the forum post Getting through to HMRC on the telephone in 2015: Report your problem confirmed that trying to contact HMRC by telephone remained a major problem throughout 2015.

To enable us to provide HMRC with up to date evidence that contacting the organisation by phone continues to cause our members very significant problems, please post a comment below to tell us about your experiences, indicating:
  • the name of the helpline
  • the telephone number
  • an outline of the problem you were calling about
  • how long it took for your call to be answered
  • whether you were happy with how the call was handled, and
  • if your issue was resolved satisfactorily.
If you do not have time to expand your comment please just provide the basic information in items 1 to 3.
Post a comment below
Your feedback in 2015 was invaluable in helping us to monitor this important area of HMRC’s work and provide evidence to support our concerns about HMRC’s continuing disappointing performance standards HMRC's latest performance statistics.
There is clearly still work to do and we will continue to work with HMRC through the Issues Overview Group and to address member issues.
We also welcome your feedback and comments on which HMRC telephone lines are working well.
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  • There wa a notification issued by HMRC at 15:07 yesterday afternoon on this subject. For further details go to
  • I have tried several times to call Ferrers House to chase an Inheritance Tax matter, using the number shown on a letter from them.  It was eventually answered by someone who told me this was the direct line to the first aid room.
  • 0300 200 3311  ADL  I'm really pleased with the ADL and am getting through within a couple of rings and often more quickly and the messages are generally shorter and clearer now.  A real bonus is that HMRC will now confirm client earnings by phone (they do additional security checks)  instead of us having to wait for a letter to be sent out.  Incredibly useful at this time of year when P45s and P60s have been lost. Must save HMRC lots of time as well. However, trying to speak to anyone who can answer a question on corporation tax or the employer helpline seems to be impossible and I don't have the time to wait 30+ minutes for a response, being told that useful information is online. I am phoning on client-specific matters so online is no help at all.
  • 0300 123 0998   Let Property Campaign line on a letter received.
    45 minutes holding on - just being told how important my call is but no one has bothered to answer it yet.
    The letter I received refers to a male when the client is a female and asks why she hasn't provided a penalty rate for a particular year despite that year having no income to declare and therefore any need for a penalty rate.
    We are also still waiting for a UTR for this client despite telling this department some time ago that we would need to complete a 2015 tax return. 
  • Called VAT on-line help number today to report that a clients VAT return, although due, has been delisted. After all the usual questions and pointless information the recorded message said that all the agents were busy and just hung up. And they call us customers!