Getting through to HMRC on the telephone in 2016 - are there still problems?

The 555 posts to the forum post Getting through to HMRC on the telephone in 2015: Report your problem confirmed that trying to contact HMRC by telephone remained a major problem throughout 2015.

To enable us to provide HMRC with up to date evidence that contacting the organisation by phone continues to cause our members very significant problems, please post a comment below to tell us about your experiences, indicating:
  • the name of the helpline
  • the telephone number
  • an outline of the problem you were calling about
  • how long it took for your call to be answered
  • whether you were happy with how the call was handled, and
  • if your issue was resolved satisfactorily.
If you do not have time to expand your comment please just provide the basic information in items 1 to 3.
Post a comment below
Your feedback in 2015 was invaluable in helping us to monitor this important area of HMRC’s work and provide evidence to support our concerns about HMRC’s continuing disappointing performance standards HMRC's latest performance statistics.
There is clearly still work to do and we will continue to work with HMRC through the Issues Overview Group and to address member issues.
We also welcome your feedback and comments on which HMRC telephone lines are working well.
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  • Phoned the CT helpline on 0300 2003410 at 9.49am today and was answered after 10 minutes - I was going to give them 20 minutes before giving up.  They had no explanation why the repayment had not been actioned last July when the CT600 submitted apart from a glitch in their system.  Hopefully this has now been resolved and will not require further chasing.
  • I am trying to file my accounts  and complete  my CT600 using the new micro entity software - i have found at least 2  software bugs -   I have a whole string of emails over 10 days now  - just passing me to other numbers / on line help - I have tried calling but after 4 attempts just cant get through to anyone  - they seem to have fixed one problem now - but for part of another problem they referred me more cells/ pages which dont seem to exist! - hopeless, terribly frustrating and such a waste of time! I've spent hours on something which is meant to make my life simpler! Wish i had  just filed abbreviated accounts now!
  • IHT helpline 0300 123 1072, option 3 then 1: to follow up IHT on an estate.
    Just over 30 minutes waiting for a response. It was satisfactorily answered in the end.
    I had previously tried the direct line to the caseworker, as shown on correspondence, on 3 separate occasions and just received a brief recorded message saying that the call had not gone through, try again later.
    Final complaint: the same message and clip of muzak repeated about every 30 seconds, which makes the delay seem twice as long!
  • Have tried to get through to HMRC on the Agent Dedicated Line 0300 200 3311 several times this afternoon but it isn't even ringing out.  Phoned a few times this morning with no problems.  Sounds like there are issues with the telephone lines today.
  • I need to call HMRC about a tax clearance we have requested but have received no reply and time is pressing. The number to call is 03000 589 004.  However, it rings once then goes to a recorded message saying  'we're sorry your call did not go through, please try your call again later'.  This message is repeated ad infinitum. I have been trying for two days and this is all I get.  What is the point of having a telephone number if no-one is there to answer it?