How quickly is HMRC dealing with your post in 2016?

What is your experience of HMRC’s post response times in 2016? Are these improving?
As we continue to monitor HMRC’s service delivery, post remains an important communication channel between agents and HMRC. In 2015, this continued to cause significant problems for our members.
We understand that HMRC has introduced a new system of scanning correspondence to enable them to move it around the organisation more easily. This should also mean that if an agent phones to check the progress of a letter, the HMRC staff member will be able to see it on the system and confirm to the agent that the letter has been received. Please also let us have your feedback on whether this is the case.
We need up-to-date examples of how long HMRC is currently taking to respond to post, to provide evidence if these problems continue in 2016.
Does the turnaround time vary depending on the type of tax, letter or form? How satisfied are you with the quality and accuracy of the response you received?
Let us know by posting a comment below, including if possible
  • the date of your letter
  • the type of tax it was about (SA, PAYE, CT, CIS,VAT etc.)
  • the HMRC address you used
  • how long it took HMRC to reply
  • whether, if you chased HMRC, you felt this speeded up a reponse
  • whether HMRC’s reply resolved your issue satisfactorily.
We are interested to hear about post delays, but also any positive feedback about HMRCs post response times in 2016 and any improvements which you have noted.
Post a comment below
Your feedback in earlier years was extremely valuable and enabled us to highlight service issues to HMRC, supported by evidence.
We remain concerned about HMRC’s performance standards and will continue to work with HMRC through the Issues Overview Group to address issues causing concern. We rely on feedback from you to continue to provide evidence to HMRC to highlight problems and delays. Please post details of any HMRC service issues on our Tax forum.
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