Enquiry into a Pensioner's SA return

We received a 9A enquiry on an SA return for Y/e 5.4.14.
HMRC indicated that we had included a source of income incorrectly and as a result, the client owed an extra £600 in tax.  

We sent a copy of the P60 for the particular pension for 2014 and also for 2015 as that return had also been filed.

We promptly received a closure notice signed 

Yours sincerely

P14 Project.   (With no name or signature).

If HMRC are opening enquiries into tax returns because they think extra income has been shown (when it is filed under RTI), is this a one off or an indication of how pre populated tax returns may work!!
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  • I have to say I approach the advent of pre-population of tax returns with great trepidation. I have no doubts at all that it will not work anywhere near as well as HMRC believes it should.  NPS and RTI both being illustrations of how reality wasn't quite what was envisaged.
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