PAYE coding computer not fit for purpose

I am so frustrated with correcting HMRC's PAYE coding notices that so wrong it begs the question of what on earth is going on in that computer!

Example:  14/15 Tax return submitted 10 July:  Basic rate tax payer including dividends and no employer benefits (haven't been any employer benefits for years).

15/16 Tax code notice issued 20 July based on "information in your tax return" includes deductions for Employer benefits and higher rate savings income (big numbers too!).

Where did it get that from !!?  (Note also the 2014/15 tax code was correct at 1000L with no deductions...)

More wasted time phoning HMRC call centre to correct - and guess what, they have no idea where these deductions are coming from either.

My view: HMRC's PAYE computer system is not fit for purpose and cannot be trusted.
  • Couldn't agree more - it seems to be dredging up coding restrictions (and sometimes claims) from years ago and reinstating them. The way benefits from P11D and then items from the SA100 are included in separate coding processes is silly. Recently called to get a code accurate and then it was over-written when I submitted the 2014/15 return.  Wastes everyone's time and is very frustrating.  As you say, not fit for purpose.  
  • I submit my simple tax return promptly each year and sit back with amusement and count how many coding notices subsequently are issued.  Usually 4 - 6, all incorrect. Then in January - February I write to complain and with luck get a correct number.  I then use that to make my annual payment from my company, before it is changed to something incorrect again by the random number generator called a coding notice.  Simple!

    Have given up trying to call HMRC, not only is it impossible to be connected to someone within a reasonable time, but then chances are it is either the wrong person or someone with insuffient knowledge or training to answer the most basic questions.