Problems with VAT being collected by direct debit

I wondered if anyone else has experienced, or their clients have experienced, problems with VAT being collected by direct debit. 

I have 2 cases where the March quarter VAT was done online and a DD set up.  Confirmations of the direct debit being set up were received and printed but both have subsequently had letters saying the VAT is outstanding and when the client has phoned the VAT office they say there is no DD set up.  Both client's have now paid by cheque.

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  • Not a DD problem, but I have a client who pays their VAT online, always in plenty of time. However, this time, they received 2 letters and a phone call from HMRC. The letters said that they hadn't paid and were now entering the surcharge period, and the phone call was to say that their cheque had bounced!

    There was no cheque and the online payment had been made 10days prior to the communications from HMRC. Only when my client presented evidence from their bank that the payment had been made did HMRC admit that they had processed the payment incorrectly and it was their mistake.

    OK, everyone makes mistakes, I accept that, but my client was quite intimidated by the letters which were sent (one was a red letter) and the message which was left saying "you must call back by 8pm this evening - it's urgent". 
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