Delays by HMRC repaying tax overpaid

A client telephoned me yesterday to let me know he had not yet received the repayment due from his 2013/14 tax return.  The amount due is just over £4,000.
The tax return was submitted on 21 January 2015, so I expected the repayment to have been made by now (23 April).
I was advised that the repayment had been referred to the investigations team for a security check to be carried out. When asked if there was a problem with the repayment or if there were any issues on his account, I was told that they “couldn’t say” as the matter was being dealt with in the investigations team.
I asked what sort of a timescale we were expecting before the repayment is made and was advised that the team would write to the client by 12 June 2015!
I expressed my frustration at this, as the length of time between submission of the return and contact with the client is completely unacceptable. No correspondence had been received either by us or the client to explain either:
·         That the repayment had been referred for a security check, or
·         Why this was necessary Are other users of the forum experiencing similar delays?
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  • We had a very similar situation today.  We pointed out EM 1609 which says an enquiry is mandatory.  We therefore asked for this to be registered as a complaint, and also ask for it to be escalated to a manager.  

    We wait to see what the effect of this will be!
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