PAYE - How it is easy to get a PAYE Coding Notice

Recently I was asked by an employer to get a PAYE Coding Notice for an employee.

That process was not easy.

I first of all contacted the HMRC Nos given on the PAYE Registration PACK. AFter various time wasting options and connecting to a person, I was given another HMRC number to contact.

I contacted that number and was given another number, the agent hotline number for self assessment.

When I called that number, I was told to contact again on the employer number. Luckily the HMRC contact person was helpful and I told her that I am been given various numbers, and no one seems to know, how to get a PAYE coding notice issued.

She took details and told me that the notice will be issued.

I would like to know from members here, as is there a straight forward option as I am still not convinced. There should be an easy option.  
  • Sarmad I sympathise with the phone-around you've been given.  The easiest way to deal with this issue is for the employee to contact HMRC for a code and the code will then automatically be sent to the employer.  In my experience it is (virtually) impossible for the employer to obtain a code for an employee and in the end is quicker and easier to deal with the process via the employee. Angela